Promotion Pricing in FMCG by buynomics

Promotions are an important component in FMCG sales. Getting their pricing right is key to success for FMCG companies – but it is also very difficult! Promotion managers need to choose between different promotion types, they need to select the right products, and they must set the right discounts. To optimize a promotion, managers must understand the impact of the competitive environment as well as customers’ preferences and their decision-making processes.

In this webinar, we provide an overview on FMCG promotion pricing, we explain the economics of promotion optimization, and we show a selection of behavioral pricing tricks that can be used to improve promotion pricing. To bring everything together, we show in a brief demo, how promotions can easily be priced with a simple software solution.

Please join our webinar and see the next step in FMCG pricing!

Promotion Pricing in FMCG by buynomics
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