Behavioral pricing – from anecdote to actionable insights

Behavioral pricing continues to be a hot topic within the pricing field. However, there has been little progress in moving the topic beyond individual anecdotes of how for example The Economist increased sales via bundling or how Amazon increased sales with free shipping. While such examples make interesting stories, it is not obvious, how pricing managers can best apply behavioral insights in their daily work.

At buynomics, we have developed a SaaS pricing solution based on our Virtual Customer technology that allows users to optimize their offer and pricing considering behavioral effects. For example, it answers questions such as: How to set prices in a good-better-best offer considering customers’ preference for the middle option, or how sales are affected if one offer is highlighted or recommended?

In this webinar, we provide an overview on behavioral pricing, the key effects and their strengths – and show in our pricing solution how to optimize offers, product presentations, and pricing considering the actual purchasing behavior of customers.

Please join our webinar and see how to move behavioral pricing from anecdote to actionable insights!

Behavioral pricing – from anecdote to actionable insights
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