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End-to-end revenue

Base all commercial decisions on one single source of truth - your customers.


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Stop guessing and make decisions
based on evidence. 

What Buynomics does

Imagine knowing customers' preferences without tedious analyses, complex spreadsheets, or unreliable focus groups. Buynomics' AI transforms all your data into Virtual Customers that mimic the buying decisions of real customers with unmatched precision. Use these instant and accurate consumer insights as the single source of truth to make decisions on price, promotion, product, portfolio, trade terms, channel & portfolio mix. Our holistic approach uncovers links between critical revenue levers and provides recommendations for best results. Your key to profitable and sustainable decisions.

Pricing, the key
to profitability

Pricing is the key to profitability, but predicting customer reactions is notoriously difficult. While outdated models like price elasticities provide inaccurate estimations, Buynomics considers the interactions between the products in your portfolio and those of your competitors. Make your decisions with confidence to achieve your KPI targets - in any market situation.


that pay off

Promotions are an excellent way to raise awareness and increase sales. However, they are expensive and their impact is difficult to measure. Our promotion solution takes into account the dependencies of price, product and market environment. This creates transparency about the ideal discount level, promotion type, frequency and timing. That makes planning promotions simple and efficient.

Products that
customers want

Your product offering is the foundation of any business success. But the optimal product mix is difficult to determine among a multitude of options. Stop spending huge amounts of time integrating data from multiple sources to find your optimal product mix. With Buynomics as a central source, you can quickly simulate countless product combinations to find the best offer per channel - or let our algorithm do that for you. Discover and scale market potential, optimize product launches and increase sales.


Planning with

Annual planning requires intensive and complex simulations. Create reliable and easy-to-update roadmaps with Buynomics that cover your promotions, price changes, and portfolio adjustments in a single source. Get full control and transparency over your commercial planning process.

The customer
is always right

Attracting and retaining customers is the goal of every company. Understanding and serving customer needs is the prerequisite for this. Buynomics' unique and cutting edge Virtual Customer Technology predicts customer behavior with unmatched precision. Find out how our innovative solution optimizes your decision-making process - saving you money, time and resources.


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As private labels continue to gain traction, manufacturers are facing increased competition and pressure to optimize their pricing strategies. In this webinar, we'll explore the consumer behavior driving the growth of private labels, and discuss how manufacturers can succeed in the changing  the landscape. Register Now!

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