FMCG Pricing

with buynomics

The Pricing Challenge


Define offers, prices, promotions to optimize long-term portfolio profit.​


Predict portfolio sales from available data.

Pricing today: 

  • Competitive pricing

  • Elasticity pricing

  • Value-based pricing

  • Cost-plus pricing

Today, buynomics is the only technology available to optimize offers, prices, and promotions that fully considers customers’ reactions and competition.

What buynomics delivers

To optimize prices & products, buynomics considers customer preferences, costs, and competition simultaneously.

Within an easy to use SaaS solution

Set your product offer

  • Set product attributes & relevant price ranges

  • Optional: Add competitors' offers and prices to assess effects on sales

Optimize prices 

  • View sales volumes based on customers’ choices

  • Optimize prices automatically or manually

  • Track KPIs such as sales, revenue, and profit

buynomics' precision & profitability has been proven in rigorous real-life tests with well-known clients. Contact us for examples & references.

What buynomics can do for you

Easy, flexible, profitable!

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