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Getting started

The video below gives an overview of the functions of the buynomics platform.

After you log in, you will see a navigation bar and an otherwise empty screen. On the right side of the navigation bar, you see:

  • Help button (?), where you can go to the help center or send direct messages to us.

  • Switch button for day and night mode.

  • Your client name, which is e.g. your company or region. If you have multiple clients, you can switch here between them.

  • Your account (shown as your user name), where you can log out.


On the left side, you see the main functions of the buynomics platform:

  • Data: Here are all your data sets (e.g. Product Master Data and Transactional Data). Here, you can manage your data sets (e.g. upload new data sets).

  • Insights: Here you work with your pricing analyses. You can view your existing analyses or create new ones.

  • Pricing: Here, you do your pricing. You can configure your products and then optimize your offer using buynomics' Virtual Customers. Virtual Customers make purchase decisions like their real life counterparts and thus help you simulate the effects of different product configurations and price points on sales volumes, revenue, and profit.

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