We offer the tools to master and automate your pricing.




Easy and fast access to all Insights needed for full control over your pricing decisions.

From pricing experts for pricing experts

Insights@buynomics delivers fast and easy pricing transparency. It identifies improvement levers and monitors progress.

Now it's your turn! Transform your data into actionable insights in minutes. Manage data sets of all formats. Visualize your business in highly adaptable and beautiful graphs. Get a demo from one of our pricing experts and see for yourself how Insights@buynomics makes your pricing work easier, quicker, and much more insightful.

Interpretation & Implications

Share your results

Present your insights in PowerPoint or

continue your analyses in Excel

Who it is made for

Marketing and pricing managers

Product managers

Sales managers 

Pricing and business analysts



Pricing consultants

... everyone who wants to visualize pricing data

Easy import, Insights, export

Import data

Easy and flexible import of data of any size via CSV or integrated via API*. 

Gain insights

Build your own analyses in seconds with the intuitive and highly flexible interface. Or use our library with best-practice pricing analyses.

Insights@buynomics is...


No need to worry about updates and costly infrastructure. Insights runs in the cloud and is always up to date.


Price analysis and monitoring have never been easier. Use our library or create your own analyses in 3 to 5 clicks.


Import and export your pricing data from and to key formats.


Our advanced data management allows you to work with very large data.


Receive results for every analysis in real time.


Insights looks amazing as we use some of the most advanced technologies available.

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(from €69 per user per month)

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* Integration via API will be available soon.

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