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Webinar - The next level of B2B Pricing with buynomics

The big challenge in B2B pricing comes from the need to optimize customer specific product offers and prices - typically without transparency on competition.

In a two-part webinar series, we dive into B2B pricing and share our view on how to master it. In this second part, we show you the buynomics way of B2B pricing. At the core of the buynomics solution is the Virtual Customer, who we use to predict your customers' specific purchase behavior, so you can pinpoint the best offer and price for each one – all within an easy-to-use SaaS solution. We show you how to optimize offers and prices using buynomics, and we outline a set of specific techniques to best extract insights from your data for pricing.

Please join our webinar to see the next level of B2B pricing!

View recording here.

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