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Webinar – Promotion Pricing in FMCG by buynomics

Promotions are an important component in FMCG sales. Getting their pricing right is key to success for FMCG companies – but it is also very difficult! Promotion managers need to choose between different promotion types, they need to select the right products, and they must set the right discounts. To optimize a...

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Webinar – FMCG Pricing by buynomics

Getting FMCG pricing right is key to success – but also very difficult. Customer needs evolve constantly, competitors frequently update their product range and introduce new products, and promotions drive sales to specific offers. At the same time, companies often have only limited access to sell-out data to see how...

Retail pricing: Should I price for value or for Profit?

If this question does not make sense to you, read on. Value pricing In retail, many consider value pricing – i.e. pricing a product based on its value to the customer – the gold standard. In most cases, the value of a product is determined for relevant customer segments – for example by looking...

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