Predicting consumer behavior Enabling profitability

  • Price Optimizer
  • Product Optimizer
  • Portfolio Optimizer
  • Scenario Analyser
  • Central Steering

Optimize core KPIs including profit, units, volume, and revenue with just a few clicks.

Find the best combination of products and attributes in a few minutes using real time product portfolio optimization.

Optimize your portfolio and simulate competitors' actions to determine the effect on your own portfolio as well as the best strategic response.

Create and compare an infinite number of scenarios considering portfolio changes, price changes, promotions, or any number of combinations thereof to determine your best strategic course of action.

Optimize your strategy and partnerships having all relevant scenarios and KPIs of you and your intermediaries on one screen.  

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Our Case Studies

  • Case Study Avira

    How Avira identified 20% more profit potential with buynomics' virtual customer technology

  • Case Study Fonterra

    How Fonterra achieved 100x ROI by optimizing its revenue management with buynomics

  • Case Study CPG

    How a global drink company gained new promotion insights with buynomics


Virtual Customers

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Evidence-based portfolio optimization powered by our proprietary Virtual Customer technology.

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Understanding your customer with buynomics is ...


On average, our clients were able to increase their profit by 3-7% with the help of buynomics.

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This is achieved by a unique customer focus – i.e. by offering what customers really want – and not by short-term price increases.

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Our goal is to help our clients achieve sustainable profitable growth.

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Our Industries

  • Consumer Goods

    Optimization of portfolios, prices & promotions – under consideration of your wholesales & retailers

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  • Telecommunications

    Optimization of offers, portfolios & prices for new & existing customers

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  • Consumer Software

    Optimization of offer structure, promotions & prices for new and existing customers – against competition and channel specific

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  • Consumer Healthcare

    Commercial evaluation of product innovations & optimization of prices and promotions

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  • Automotive

    Commercial based new vehicle development & optimization of list prices and competitive reactions

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  • Insurance

    Optimization of offers & prices for each of your customers – against competition and channel specific

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We care deeply about pricing, portfolio optimization & customer insights.

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