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Buynomics takes your revenue optimization to the next level

Leave Excel behind and learn how you can make faster pricing decisions that support your revenue growth management strategy.

Make data-driven decisions with up to 95% accuracy

Optimize all key RGM levers in one simulation

Reduce your time spent on analyses by 60%

See the immediate effects of price changes

Leverage machine learning to power your RGM strategy

What our clients say about us

Surprisingly fast and efficient AI price simulator. Buynomics addresses the problem of conducting yearly price increase simulations, helping businesses make informed decisions when it comes to pricing strategies. By utilizing Buynomics, companies can optimize their pricing decisions for maximum profitability and success.

With Buynomics, being able to build multiple scenarios in the same view, look at your current situation, and then add two or three scenarios or changes right next to each other to compare them is super helpful.

To me, the accuracy and the speed of analysis, as well as the speed of implementation of the tool itself, is what makes Buynomics stand out compared to other options. Consider that we implemented it in around eight weeks compared to other tools that need around three months or more.

Ivan T., Head of PRGM and Commercial Strategy at Danone
Mike G., Head of Commercial Strategy at pladis
Andrea P., Head of PRGM and Category at Danone Italy

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