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Telecom and Internet

Telecoms are the backbone of modern communication. Whilst our lives become increasingly interconnected and "smart", telcos are expanding their communication services to "fully digital experiences". However, in an industry as complex and competitive as telecommunication, it is difficult to extract meaningful insights hidden in massive amounts of data with inefficient solutions. Traditionally used tools are often suboptimal in converting data to actionable insights on consumer experience and preference. They often also fail to reflect reality accurately. Ultimately pricing decisions rely on guesswork and unreliable predictions, and lead to an untapped revenue potential. Buynomics' Virtual Customer technology can generate a more profound understanding of current market dynamics and help managers to navigate product & portfolio decisions more confidently. Leverage data to foresee opportunities to drive customer acquisition and retention - and maximize revenue.
Key challenges telecom companies face.

Constant price and promotion pressure

Constant price and promotion pressure are significant consequences of technologically-driven competition in the telecom industry. These changes have a knock-on effect on the market. While this approach can provide temporary benefits, it can also have a negative effect on customer trust.


Low market transparency

Access to reliable analytical tools tailor-made for the telecommunication industry that accurately provides a holistic view of the impact of price or product changes on the market is limited. Increasing regulations further intensify the need for customizable and flexible tools that offer scenario investigations.


Pressure to offer bundles without data

Many telcos encounter increased complexity due to bundling challenges, trying to offer complete communication products to customers (mobile, landline, & TV). However, traditional tools often lack the ability to understand customer preference or predict customers behavior to revise sub-optimal packaging.

Turn challenges into opportunities with our holistic solutions for all revenue levers - pricing, promotions, products, portfolio, channel & product mix. Instead of examining several spreadsheets or market studies individually, use our single source of truth, offering you one easy-to-use tool that examines all cross-effects. Leverage your data to gain transparency on market behavior and derive actionable insights.

Best pricing solutions

Make optimized pricing decisions with insights from your Virtual Customers. Quickly discover how they react to price changes and define your optimal price points. Get faster and more profitable results that consider your market situation, all cross-effects, and external factors like competitors' offers.


Smart promotional planning

Plan highly targeted promotional activities at the right time based on accurate customers’ preferences. Leverage the power of data to get a granular view on pivotal factors that can bring the most value during different stages of the customer lifecycle, while taking into account your competitors' actions & market changes.


Optimized product & portfolio decisions

Explore the ideal balance of your product & portfolio mix by quickly customizing any combination of value drivers. Leverage your Virtual Customers to understand and predict realistic behavior of potential or current customers. Improve your decision-making process and maximize your revenue with fast & holistic solutions for comprehensive action plans.

Case study

How a global telco company optimizes
its 5-play strategy
with Buynomics

Key features
for Telecom and Internet.

Explore our Virtual Customer technology with various key features for pricing teams.

Channel optimizer

Optimize your offer for each channel in a way that best fits your shoppers’ preferences.


Scenario analyzer

Create and compare unlimited scenarios to determine your best strategic course of action.


Wargaming capability

Simulate competitors’ actions to understand the effect on your portfolio and plan your best strategic response in advance.


KPI comparison

Optimize core KPIs like profit, units, and revenue with just a few clicks.


Analytics suite

Gain instant & profound analytical insights, including elasticity- and demand curves for all your products.

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