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Consumer Goods & Retail

CPGs and retail companies operate in a dynamic and customer-focused industry where trends and demand evolve rapidly. The recent trend of conscious consumerism has also demonstrated how demand heavily influences markets. Building brands in the business of relevance is challenging. It is therefore imperative for retailers and manufacturers to leverage deep consumer insights and constantly adapt their product & portfolio strategies to keep up with shifting market conditions. Traditional methods usually make assumptions with low reliability, e.g., via simplified price elasticities, and cannot map the required level of complexity. Predictive tools need to be more sophisticated, predictive, and customized today. We've developed a powerful solution that answers your most critical questions. Achieve faster and more profitable revenue management by uncovering unprecedented insights at a granular level with Buynomics.
Key challenges consumer goods & retail companies face.

Constant promotion pressure

Promotions are key to increasing sales, driving revenue, and generating loyal shoppers. Unfortunately, most CPG companies lack the right tools to interpret data into actionable insights, measure performance of promotions against sales, optimize low performing product campaigns, and focus on KPIs to increase profitability. 


Rising production


Rising costs across a variety of inputs, from commodities, raw materials, labor to transportation is shrinking the total profit pool for CPG companies. Shifting the top cost drivers and adjusting pricing by leveraging deep insights from sophisticated and holistically-built predictive tools has become a business priority.


Continuous product & prices changes

With inflation, unpredictable competitor moves, and changing consumer trends, CPGs & retail brands are under constant pressure to optimize their products or change their prices. To execute successful product innovations companies need a holistic predictive model with a comprehensive view on market demand that integrates product portfolio understanding alongside competitor offerings.

Turn challenges into opportunities with our holistic solutions for all RGM levers - pricing, promotions, products, portfolio, trade terms, channel & product mix. Instead of examining several spreadsheets for reliable forecasts, use the Buynomics platform as a single-source-of-truth that allows you to optimize your offering, considering all cross-effects. Leverage your data to gain transparency on market behavior and derive actionable insights.

Best pricing solution

Make optimized pricing decisions with our Virtual Shopper technology. Quickly discover how real shoppers react to price changes to define your optimal price points. Get faster and more profitable results that consider your market situation, all cross-effects, and external factors like competitors' offers.


Smart promotional planning

Plan all your promotional activities based on real shoppers' preferences. Easily understand how different promotions and discounts impact shoppers’ buying behavior. Leverage the power of data to get clarity on which products to promote how, when and where.


Optimized product & portfolio decisions

Identify the right product specification or portfolio composition that will win the attention of shoppers and the business of retail partners. Discover the roadmap to a successful product launch without overutilization of internal resources and time. Improve your decision-making process to maximize revenue and profit.

Case study

How a global CPG company identified 100x ROI by optimizing its revenue management with Buynomics

Key features
for Consumer Goods and Retail.

Explore our Virtual Shopper technology with various key features for revenue managers.

Channel optimizer

Optimize your offer and trade terms for each channel in a way that best fits your shoppers’ preferences.


Scenario analyzer

Create and compare unlimited scenarios to determine your best strategic course of action.


KPI comparison

Optimize core KPIs like profit, units, volume, and revenue with just a few clicks.


Wargaming capability

Simulate competitors’ actions to understand the effect on your portfolio and plan your best strategic response in advance.


Analytics suite

Gain instant & profound analytical insights, including elasticity- and demand curves for all your products.

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