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Predict@buynomics is a pricing solution that helps pricing professionals optimize their prices and product offer at scale.

By leveraging different data sources, Predict@buynomics creates virtual customers and forecasts real customer behavior. Use your virtual customers to predict how your real customers would respond to changes in your offer and prices. Optimize your offer and prices of single products, multi-product portfolios, or full assortments of many thousand products – all with or without competition.


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Virtual Customers

Use our AI powered statistical methods to extract customer insights from your data and create virtual customers. Just like their real-life counterparts, virtual customers make purchase decisions based on a presented offer.

Interpretation & Implications

Easy setup, offer, Predict

Define the Setup

Select your virtual customers, define your value drivers and set up your market in which they operate – all with just a few clicks.

Create an Offer

Put together the offer from which virtual customers get to choose. Create products, assemble entire portfolios and include the competition.


Precise prediction of customer behavior for offer and price optimization using virtual customers.

Simulate your Results

Show the offer to your virtual customers and let them decide what they would buy. Analyze how they respond to changes in price, portfolio structure, product features and competitive offer. Track KPIs and optimize your offer and prices to maximize revenue or profit – or according your individual pricing strategy.

Precise Prediction 

The Virtual Customers technology makes accurate sales predictions that match reality. We have already proven its performance in a broad range of industries and pricing problems. The virtual customer technology substantially outperforms all other available pricing methods including conjoint analysis.

Predict@buynomics works!

Who it is made for

Marketing and pricing managers

Product managers

Sales managers 


Pricing consultants

... everyone who wants to optimize product offers and prices

Predict@buynomics is...


No need to worry about updates and costly infrastructure. Predict runs in the cloud and is always up to date.


Optimizing prices has never been easier. Create a realistic market simulation with only a few mouse clicks.


Predict works in B2C as well as B2B. No limitations in industries, customer types or pricing goals.


Understand your customers as never before. Simulate your market in detail and predict customers’ buying behavior.


See the impact of pricing decisions in real time. Adjust offer and prices as many times as needed – at no additional costs.


Include portfolio dependencies, customers’ irrationalities and competitors’ offers – as they appear in your market.

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