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Make better, customer-centric decisions

Improve your commercial decisions with Buynomics' Virtual Shopper AI - for faster and more profitable results.

Answer key commercial questions in a holistic and intuitive SaaS solution and optimize your price, product, portfolio, and promotion decisions.

Manage your entire
offer on one screen

Get full visibility into your offer across all channels. Test changes to all components of your offering and that of your competitors with just one click: Add or remove products, change prices, promotions, product features, and trade conditions.
Get full visibility at all levels of the distribution chain: manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, etc.

Act on reliable and
immediate KPI impact

See the impact of offer changes on all relevant KPIs in real time, taking into account portfolio effects and cannibalization.
Use Buynomics algorithms to find the best combination of price, product, and promotion for your KPI targets.
Gain actionable insights into customer behavior, such as switching between products and cannibalization.

Create scenarios that
achieve your revenue goals

Create scenarios in minutes that account for changes in product mix, price, and promotions.
Compare impact on relevant KPIs at all levels of detail: from global impact to individual product/channel combinations.
Conveniently export results for immediate implementation.

Plan precisely,
adjust in minutes

Plan your offering for the entire year, taking into account new product launches, promotion plans, cost and price changes.
See the impact of changes in customer behavior, trade terms, or competitive offerings and adjust immediately
Manage channels individually as needed.

Virtual Shoppers
How they're made

At Buynomics, we developed the Virtual Shopper AI as the foundation for all questions of customer insights and revenue management.

Leverage all your data, fast

Virtual Shoppers can integrate all your relevant data including sales and transaction data, customer surveys, and behavioral pricing insights to make them useful for decision makers. Unlike other methods, Buynomics works with a very limited amount of readily available data. No need to add an endless number of studies or A/B tests to fine-tune the model. This leads to unparalleled time-to-value: Virtual Shoppers are typically set up within a few weeks.

Ultimate customer centricity

Virtual Shoppers have the same product preferences and behaviors as their real-life counterparts, and when shown real product offers, replicate the actual buying decisions of real customers with very high precision. That can be used not only to assess price and promotion changes, but also the effects of any offer changes such as the removal or addition of a product or the change in a product’s features, such as its size. Also, the cross-effects between products are easily identified and irrational customer behavior can be considered. This allows you to make more profitable commercial decisions with immense speed-to-insight: Virtual Shoppers can be asked about their purchasing decisions millions of times within seconds and the optimal portfolio combination can be found in the blink of an eye.

Learn from experience

A great benefit of the Virtual Shopper AI is that new data as well as different sources can be integrated seamlessly to account for changes in preferences over time or the effects of inflation on purchasing decisions. Using these data, the Buynomics tool generally achieves up to a 95% forecast accuracy.

Make Buynomics your single-source-of-truth

Data integration

Data integration

Works with existing data

Continuous updates

Best time-to-value

Virtual Shopper

Virtual Shopper

AI transforms data into Virtual Shoppers

Simulate customer behavior with unprecedented accuracy

Get actionable insights for all portfolio changes

Intuitive SaaS platform

Intuitive SaaS platform

Single source of truth for all revenue management decisions

Unlimited scenarios in just a few clicks

Unmatched speed-to-insight

Outstanding impact

Outstanding impact

AB-tested prediction with best-in-class accuracy

Up to 20% higher profits (depending on industry)

70-90% shorter decision cycles


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