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Software companies have disrupted traditional industries and
fueled digital transformation. But with more services moving to
the digital domain, competition for buyers' attention has also
intensified massively. Offering the right product portfolio with
optimal prices has become an increasingly complex & challenging
task. Unfortunately, consumer software companies still lack a
rational, clear, effective pricing strategy. For most consumer
companies, launching pilot campaigns and running A/B tests are -
even today - the means to understanding the success of their
product offers. These processes are time- and resource-consuming
and often render unreliable information. Buynomics’ Virtual Shopper
AI is a fully integrated, cross-functional solution that combines
data from all existing sources and delivers actionable insights. Achieve
the power to increase predictability of buyer behavior to unlock growth
and boost customer lifetime value. Buynomics enables consumer software
enterprises to set the right price range per customer, product, or channel,
based on your sales and customer data. Gain full transparency into pricing
inconsistencies and attain higher profits.


Key challenges telecom companies face.

Constant price and promotion pressure

Constant price and promotion pressure

Intense competition in the software industry along with changing consumer behavior drives constant price and promotion pressure. In addition, many companies encounter increased acquisition costs that demand high customer retention and long-term partnerships. Deep discounting without planning can also erode margins.

Time pressure

Time pressure

With rising expectations and high competition, software companies must make informed decisions and deliver results, quickly. Also, constant pressure for fast growth and profit from shareholders intensifies the need for easy-to-use tools that capture value quickly.

Complex product portfolio

Complex product

Determining which price and product combination will be most profitable is challenging with traditional tools.  Rebalancing product portfolios after identifying compelling component compatibility for bundles is often the biggest challenge for software companies.


Turn challenges into opportunities with our holistic solutions for all revenue levers -
pricing, promotions, products, portfolio, channel & product mix. Instead of examining
several spreadsheets or market studies individually, use our single source of truth,
offering you one easy-to-use tool that examines all cross-effects. Leverage your data to
gain transparency on market behavior and derive actionable insights.

Best pricing solutions

Best pricing

Make optimized pricing decisions with insights from your Virtual Shoppers. Quickly discover how they react to price changes and define your optimal price points. Get faster and more profitable results that consider your market situation, all cross-effects, and external factors like competitors' offers.

Smart promotional planning

Smart promotional

Successfully launch promotional campaigns based on accurate customers’ behavior predictions. Buynomics helps software companies build a strong pricing strategy on offers and discounts without the risk of discrediting your brand value, all while taking into account your competitors' actions & market changes.

Optimized product & portfolio decisions

Optimized product &
portfolio decisions

Explore the ideal balance of your product & portfolio mix by quickly customizing any combination of value drivers. Take advantage of Buynomics' Virtual Shopper AI to effectively and profitably link pricing and promotions together. Maximize your revenue with fast & holistic solutions for comprehensive action plans.

Case study

How a software 
profits by 20%


Why Buynomics is  
the best solution for you.

Reliable forecasting

Use our best-in-class forecast accuracy. Buynomics reveals powerful insights you can trust - verified and optimized in countless A/B tests with millions of real customers.

Unmatched speed

Get immediate solutions to your most crucial commercial questions. Our state-of-the-art Virtual Shopper AI enables full market transparency at your fingertips. Leave research studies that require a lot of time and investments behind and get answers now.

Actionable insights

Analytics are worth nothing if you can't derive actionable steps from them. Our user-friendly interface lets you easily integrate your data to simulate countless scenarios that best match your goals. Make better decisions upon reliable insights.

Holistic solutions

Buynomics leverages interrelationships between all relevant revenue factors to optimize your price, product, portfolio, and promotion strategies holistically. You can even include your competitors' products, prices, and promotional activities to gain a comprehensive view of your market situation and plan your following actions more efficiently.

Key features 
for Consumer Software.

Explore our Virtual Shopper AI with
various key features for revenue managers

Channel optimizer

Channel optimizer

Optimize your channels with bespoke offerings that best fit your consumers’ preferences.

Scenario analyzer

Scenario analyzer

Create and compare unlimited scenarios to determine your best strategic course of action.

Wargaming capability

Wargaming capability

Simulate competitors’ actions to understand the effect on your portfolio and plan your best strategic response in advance.

KPI comparison

KPI comparison

Optimize core KPIs like profit, units, and revenue with just a few clicks.

Analytics suite

Analytics suite

Gain instant & profound analytical insights, including elasticity- and demand curves for all your products.


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