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This is Buynomics.

“What will customers buy?” is the key question underlying all commercial decisions in all companies. Buynomics has developed the Virtual Shopper technology, which answers this question 100x faster and much more precisely than every other solution. This will end the common practice of gut feeling and Excels.

Our goal is to enable companies to make data-driven, transparent, and customer centric commercial decisions. For that, we build the operating system for commercial decisions that provides companies with a single source of truth to answer all their market-facing questions including pricing, product offers, and promotions.


Values we live by.

No bullshit
No bullshit.

We will only make claims based on empirical evidence.


We reward based on talent, effort, and achievement.

Radical transparency.

We believe in thoughtful disagreement and welcome any fruitful discussion to find the best possible solution together.

Move fast
Move fast.

We recognize potential and act immediately.

Measure impact
Measure impact.

We know that only what is measured gets done.

Improve constantly
Improve constantly.

We strive for continuous improvement so that we can work on better challenges tomorrow.

Meet our founders.

Dr. Ingo Reinhardt

Founder/Managing Director

Before Buynomics, Ingo was a Senior Director with Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global leader in pricing.

He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Cologne and Masters degrees in Management and Mathematics. He was a PostDoc at the University of Oxford and published in the Strategic Management Journal.



Dr. Sebastian Baier

Founder/Managing Director

Before starting Buynomics, Sebastian was a Director with Simon-Kucher & Partners where he helped leading international companies improve their pricing and product offering.

Sebastian holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Heidelberg and Masters degrees in Physics and Economics.



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