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Over the last decades, the business world has changed dramatically. We now live in a world driven by value. Our consumers are globally connected with constant access to information and undergo frequent changes that are fast-paced and tough to predict. A customers' power has never been stronger as opinions and experiences can be instantly shared with the rest of the world via social media. Also, increased demand for sustainable & smart products that fit individual needs requires companies to better understand their customers and optimize their offers. Therefore, without doubt price optimization has a huge impact on increasing profits. Buynomics, with its best-in-class revenue optimization application, helps companies make the most of their data to leverage customers' needs and increase profitability.
Key challenges companies face.

Continuous optimization & price changes

With inflation, immense competition, and changing consumer trends, companies are under constant pressure to launch new products or change their prices. Instead of annual reviews, companies need to conduct continuous analyses to anticipate impactful developments while optimizing product life cycles.


Importance of promotions

Many companies offer free plans or trial periods to give consumers a taste of what their service provides. Also, promotional activities with discounts or special features for a limited time can be helpful methods to get attention and convert prospects into customers. Knowing which promotion type and conditions work best for a specific target audience is a challenging task that requires advanced insight tools.


Need for profitable & transparent solutions

Most companies operate in sectors with vigorous competition. Intensive research and demand for transparent production and logistics processes increasingly influence buying behavior. Under such challenging conditions, insightful and reliable data are essential for turning business decisions into profitable and sustainable solutions.

Turn challenges into opportunities with our holistic solutions for all revenue levers - pricing, promotions, products, portfolio, trade terms, channel & product mix. Instead of examining several spreadsheets or market studies individually, use our single source of truth, offering you one easy-to-use tool that examines all cross-effects. Leverage your data to gain transparency on market behavior and derive actionable insights.

Best pricing solutions

Make optimized pricing decisions with insights from your Virtual Customers. Quickly discover how they react to price changes and define your optimal price points. Get faster and more profitable results that consider your market situation, all cross-effects, and external factors like competitors' offers.


Smart promotional planning

Plan all your promotional activities upon accurate customers’ preferences. Easily understand how different promo types, such as 2-for-1 or a 50%-off discount, are perceived by your customers. Leverage the power of your data and get clarity on your most effective promotion - taking into account your competitors' actions & market changes.


Optimized product & portfolio decisions

Explore the ideal balance of your product & portfolio mix by quickly customizing any combination of value drivers. May it be the weight of a yogurt package or the data volume of a mobile phone contract - use your Virtual Customers to understand actual needs. Improve your decision-making process and maximize your revenue with fast & holistic solutions for comprehensive action plans.

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Key features
for Industries.

Explore our Virtual Customer technology with various key features for revenue managers.

Channel optimizer

Optimize your channels and trade terms with bespoke offerings that best fit your consumers’ preferences.


Scenario analyzer

Create and compare unlimited scenarios to determine your best strategic course of action.


Wargaming capability

Simulate competitors’ actions to understand the effect on your portfolio and plan your best strategic response in advance.


KPI comparison

Optimize core KPIs like profit, units, volume, and revenue with just a few clicks.


Analytics suite

Gain instant & profound analytical insights, including elasticity- and demand curves for all your products.

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