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a person stands over a puddle with the reflection of an airplane passing above

What is confirmation bias? Confirmation bias refers to the tendency to look for or interpret information in a way consistent with one's beliefs.

an empty sports podium stands in the middle of an arena

What is competitive pricing? Competitive pricing is the process of selecting the optimal price points for a product or service, taking into account competitors' pricing behavior.

a pile of wooden clocks laying together

What is the time pressure bias? Time pressure causes a higher propensity of decision-makers to shift from logical and rational processes to intuitive processes.

sunlight fills the image in a morning sunrise

What is the Power of Free concept? The Power of Free concept, or the “Zero Price Effect,” describes how people tend to choose a product if it includes a free element even though it has little ...

a group of people celebrate at the stop of a mountain during runrise

What is social desirability bias? Social desirability bias reflects a respondent's propensity to answer in a way perceived as socially acceptable rather than the respondent's genuine opinion or ...

barbed wire fence with a wooden post

What are price thresholds? A price threshold is a pricing strategy that sets the price of a product or service at a level intended to match customers' psychological willingness to make a purchase. It ...

a rusty anchor lays on the ground

What are price anchors? A price anchor sets a buyer's expectation at a certain price level. They are often used to increase the perceived value of the goods offered.

two elevators rising in a building

What is the compromise effect? The compromise effect, or the "preference for the middle option," describes a buyer's tendency to choose a middle product more often than the inherent utility would ...

a hand making a circle around the sun

What is the endowment effect? The endowment effect describes buyers' tendency to value a good higher once they own it. Therefore, people demand more money for giving up an object than they would be ...

a red and a green light facing different directions on the street

What is the nudging effect? The default nudging effect describes the predictable altering of user behavior through positive reinforcement.

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