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Webinar: The Future of RGM Planning with Buynomics 2.0


Take the next steps toward integrated data-driven decision-making.


Tune in to our latest webinar recording to learn about the future of revenue growth management (RGM) using Buynomics 2.0. We will show how it helps teams make integrated pricing, promotion, PPA (price-pack-architecture), channel mix, and trade spend decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

With the new Buynomics 2.0 and its novel Virtual Shopper technology, teams can increase profits by focusing on their shoppers' behavior. In this webinar, we will use a realistic case study to demonstrate how you can make all RGM decisions on one platform in just minutes.

Leading the discussion is Buynomics co-founder Dr. Ingo Reinhardt, who is joined by our product expert Anton von Lampe to demonstrate our AI-driven technology.

Anton von Lampe
Post by Anton von Lampe
September 29, 2023

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