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Webinar: Pricing Tools - from Excel to SaaS


Nowadays, we have a massive amount of data available for pricing: from the product to the specific customer. Furthermore, global competition caused immense pressure on prices. Nevertheless, companies are still using spreadsheets to set their prices. In this webinar, we have outlined the limits of spreadsheets in price optimization and explained how cloud-based SaaS can solve those limitations. We have also provided a brief demo to show you how our solution helps you to optimize your pricing and revenue management .

At Buynomics, we have developed a SaaS pricing solution based on our Virtual Customer technology that allows users to optimize their offer and pricing considering behavioral effects. For example, it answers questions such as: How to set prices in a good-better-best offer considering customers’ preference for the middle option, or how sales are affected if one offer is highlighted or recommended?

Tune in to our webinar today and learn how cloud-based SaaS can solve the limitations of spreadsheets in price optimization.

Paul Hanke
Post by Paul Hanke
October 26, 2022

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