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What is penetration pricing? The basic idea of penetration pricing is to attract customers to a new product or service by offering a low price in the early market phase.

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What is price skimming? Price skimming is a price strategy where firms charge high prices initially and lower their prices over time.

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What is value-based pricing? Value-based pricing is a pricing strategy in which companies base their prices on the customer’s perceived value of a product or service. The idea is to differentiate ...

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What is cost-plus pricing? Cost-plus pricing describes setting the price based on the marginal cost of producing a good or service and adding a markup.

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What is elasticity-based pricing? Price elasticity measures how demand changes (∆Q/Q) with price changes (∆P/P):

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What is behavioral pricing? Behavioral pricing is not a standalone solution, unlike other methods. It is a strategic tool best utilized in combination with other methods, such as value-based pricing. ...

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